1998 - United Kingdom - 115 minutes
Writer and Director - Sandra Goldbacher
Internet Movie Database User Rating - 6.0/10 - Link to IMDB
Roger Ebert Rating - 3 of 4 Stars - Link to Ebert's Review
My Rating - 4 of 5 Stars

The strength of this film is not in the plot or the depth of characters. In 19th Century London, a wealthy Jewish merchant is murdered and, for some unknown reason, leaves his family destitute. His intelligent and ambitious daughter pretends to be Christian in order to accept a position as governess for a dysfunctional family living in Scotland. She immediately, and simplistically, wins over her charge, an irritating little girl. Soon, the governess becomes an assistant to the reclusive father who is obsessed with finding a way to preserve photo images. Add a discontented mother who hates being stuck in Scotland and an obsessive post-adolescent son and you have a standard plot. What makes The Governess so enjoyable are the beautiful and intriguing images of the people and places. The film is candy for the eyes. Sit back and enjoy the sights and don't worry too much about the plot.

Neil Turner
January 11, 2000

The Governess