2007 - United Kingdom - 108 minutes
Director - Michael Radford
Writer - Edward Anderson
Internet Movie Database User Rating - 6.9/10 - Link to IMDb
My Rating - 4 of 5 Stars

Flawless is a slick, classy, and enjoyable lark of a film. It is a very good imitation of a classic crime caper film of the Sixties.

The setting is 1960's London. Most of the action takes place in an ultra-modern office building that houses the largest diamond exchange in the world. Laura Quinn is the only woman who has achieved a high rank in the company, and she thinks that she is bound to continue her upward climb. Little does she know that she is about to crash head first into the glass ceiling.

Mr. Hobbs is the friendly, old night janitor who greets Laura with a smile every evening as she slaves at her desk long after her male counterparts have left for home or the local bistro. Hobbs is one of those invisible people who knows where all the bodies are buried, and he - for good reason - lets Laura in on the fact that she is about to be one of those bodies.

When Laura discovers that her fellow managers and bosses are getting ready to use all of her hard work for their own selfish advantage and cut her out of the loop, it is easy for Hobbs to convince her to help him with his plan to burgle diamonds from the company's giant safe. Laura knows that such a theft would go undiscovered for a long period of time because of the sheer volume of raw diamonds kept in the safe. She decides to take her revenge and help Hobbs with his plan.

From that point on, things go exactly as Hobbs had planned, but not at all the way that Laura had predicted creating tension and a mystery that powers the last half of the film.

Laura is played to perfection by Demi Moore for she has the acting power to create a hard driving career woman of 1960 with just the right amount of vendibility.

Michael Caine is Mr. Hobbs. This veteran actor is a real pleasure to watch - especially when he is playing a wry old bloke with just the right amount a humor and larceny. Caine is a genuine delight in this film

Flawless is beautifully produced and photographed. The sets are a grand tribute to that gaudy 1960's style of architecture and decoration. Demi Moore's costumes are perfection, and the whole thing is photographed in the saturated colors of the '60's.

This film is an entertaining treat providing an hour and a half of good old fashioned fun, suspense, and mystery.

Neil Turner
June 23, 2008