1991 - United States - 93 minutes
Writer - Tracy Keenan Wynn from a novel by David Stout
Director - John Erman
Internet Movie Database User Rating - 6.4/10 - Link to IMDB
My Rating - 4 of 5 Stars

Louis Gossett, Jr. is the star of Carolina Skeletons and gives his usual excellent performance as a man returning to his small South Carolina town in 1964 who is asked by his dying mother to prove that his older brother executed thirty years previous was wrongly accused. Carolina Skeletons is a made-for-television movie that is somewhat lacking in some of the production values of more expensively produced films. It has several scenes that come to a dramatic climax and then fade to black. I found myself expecting commercials. The movie is worthy of attention because it reminds us of the unjust treatment of African Americans in our country - especially in the South. As citizens, we must always be aware of injustice in order that it be identified and vanquished.

Neil Turner
January 26, 2000

Carolina Skeletons