2003 - Canadian - 85 minutes
Writer and Director - Greg Marcks
Internet Movie Database User Rating - 7.2/10 - Link to IMDB
My Rating - 5 of 5 Stars

We have here a dark comedy - a very dark comedy.  It centers around a series of seemingly unrelated events that all converge at 11:14 pm.  The participants in the action are a father trying to keep his daughter from dating a disreputable fellow, some teenagers out for some not-so-wholesome fun, and a man cheating on his spouse.  Along the way, there is robbery, murder, mayhem, lots and lots of blood, and one severed penis.

This is a little movie and therefore not populated with big star power. Instead, it is filled with actors who prove their mettle with solid performances. Actually, there is one actor in the film who has become a sought-after star. Hilary Swank gives her usual fine performance as a golden-hearted girl without too much brain power. Shawn Hatosy and Rachel Leigh Cook are two popular young stars who add to the quality of the acting in this film. The seasoned stars who appear are Henry Thomas (seasoned even though he still has that baby face), Barbara Hershey, and Patrick Swayze. I slight Swayze a bit as he tends to overplay his character, but his role as the harried father allows for some latitude.

Greg Marcks has done an excellent job at writing and directing a tight, fast-paced, highly energetic film. There have been many movies of this genre produced in the past decade in which seeming unrelated events come together at a point of climax, and this one ranks near the top in sheer entertainment value. I could find no loose ends.

Be forewarned that this film is bloody and violent. If you can accept the extreme violence that seems to have become an integral part of many modern films, watch this one and get ready for an exciting roller coaster ride of absurd actions and unbelievable coincidences.

Neil Turner
February 20, 2006