If you know me, you know that I love animals - especially dogs. We humans are especially blessed to be able to know and care for these amazing creatures.

This page shows my doggies and some doggies (and a cat or two) that I have known.
My very first dog was Inky who was a beagle mix.

He was an "outdoor" dog and a real mess, but I loved him all the same.
This beautiful creature standing beside me was Gideon.  He was my second dog and the sweetest creature the world has known.

Gideon was always ill and in pain, but he was never in a bad mood and was always loving.

He died before he was two years old.
Boomer and Nat were two super dogs.

Boomer lived a good, long life for such a large dog.

Nat died suddenly when he was still fairly young.

Click on their picture to read a story about them.
This is Jake.  He was a pointer / setter mix and the calmest dog I have ever known. Jake is a wonderful, loving companion who was with me for thirteen years. He was almost seventeen years old when he died in July of 2013.

When Jake first came to live with me, he wrote a journal about his experiences with his new human. Click on his picture if you would like to read some of his entries.
This handsome guy was named Ziggy.

He was an extraordinary dog whose human was a former student of mine.

Click on his picture to read some of my memories of Ziggy.
This beautiful girl was Katie. She's gone now but will always be remembered.

To read some of my memories of Katie, click on her picture.
Susie lived with my neighbors, Barbara and Eric. Susie was full of energy and was a real barker. Susie lived a long, happy life.
After Ziggy died of a heart disease, my friend, Mike, rescued Trevor who was a fine doggy. He lived with Mike and his wife, Terry way down in the Kingdom of Steam - which you may know as Louisiana - until his death in 2011..
This little guy is Moses who lived with my niece, Elizabeth, her husband, Matt, and their son, Jack.  Moses was a wonderful dog. I didn't  get to see him very often because he lived in Chicago. Moses was killed by two pit bulls that broke through a fence and attacked the whole family one morning in November of 2006 when they were out for a walk.

Click here to go to the cats that live with the Worcesters in Chicago.
Here are the cats!

That's Smokey on the left and Tipster on the right - otherwise known as "The Brianboys."  Smokey and Tipster are both gone now. They lived with my friend, Ormond, who moved away to the Kingdom of Steam.  For a long time, people thought that Tipster was a figment of Ormond's imagination because he hid whenever someone came to visit.  As you see in the picture, Ormond had quite a hold on him so that he "allowed" to have his picture taken.  Smokey however knew who was the boss of the house.  Click on his picture to read a note he wrote when Jake went to visit.
How To Wash the Cat

1.    Thoroughly clean the toilet.
2.    Lift both lids and add shampoo.
3.    Find and soothe cat as you carry him to the bathroom.
4.    In one swift move, place cat in toilet, close both lids and
      stand on top so cat cannot escape.
5.    The cat will self agitate and produce ample suds. (Ignore ruckus
      from inside toilet. Cat is enjoying this).
6.    Flush 3 or 4 times, this provides power rinse which is quite
7.    Have someone open outside door, stand as far from toilet as
      possible and quickly lift both lids.
8.    Clean cat will rocket out of the toilet and outdoors, where he
      will air dry.


            The Dog

These two little cuties are Annie and Max.  They adopted my niece and her husband after finding them in the middle of Michigan Avenue in Chicago.  Now I don't know what my niece and her husband were doing in the middle of Michigan Avenue, but I'm sure glad that Annie and Max were there to rescue them.  Max is on the left and Annie is on the right.
This is Neil's Place
Andy was my friend, Dina's dog.  He was from the local golden retriever rescue league.  As it was with most of Dina's dogs, Andy could be quite a bad boy, but he's was happy as could be and a really nice guy. After Dina's death, Andy went to live with Dina's friend Annie who takes good care of him.
This is Gizmo - Giz for short. His human is my friend, Dinah. Giz is a fine big boy. It's hard to tell his size in the picture, but he makes Jake look like a little dog when they are together. Giz is a great kisser, and he loves to "smile."
Thank You for Visiting My Site

Thank You for Visiting My Site

Tio also lived with Barbara and Eric. He had some hard times in his life.  He had to have surgery on his spine and was then attacked by a bad dog in the neighborhood. He kept up his spirit and was a really nice guy until the very end of his long, long life.
These two beautiful girls are Hunter and Tawney. They live with my friend Tom in Florida. I've met Hunter who is fun and loving. Hopefully, I can meet Tawney soon.
This bundle of energy is Nikki. Her humans are my neighbors, Barbara and Eric. When she gets excited, her right ear turns back as you see in the picture, and when she really gets excited, both ears turn back. Nikki is a great new addition to my doggy friends.
Max never really adapted to the domestic life. He got out in the spring of 2006 and did not return. The whole family was grief stricken. Zoot has now arrived to be a companion to Annie. They are "working" on their relationship.
This beautiful girl is Muffy. Her humans are Dorothy and Don Farley who are extremely active volunteers at The Friends of Quiet Waters Park.

Dorothy is a member of the fine arts committee and is the official photographer for Friends events.

Don is the treasurer of the Friends.

Muffy is a great cat. She loves to cuddle. I think she is part dog because she comes running to greet you whenever you visit Dorothy and Don.
Here is Elizabeth, Matt, and Jack's new puppy, Hugo.

He's a bundle of energy and, as you see, quite comfortable in the arms of his new human.
My friend, Tom, has rescued Daisey who was found in the middle of a busy intersection in Tampa.

Daisey has numerous medical problems, but she's being well cared for and, as you see, is as snug as a bug in a rug.
This fine looking boy is Baxter whom Terry and Mike rescued shortly after the death of Trevor.

As Mike puts it, "If there is one lesson Terry and I learned from Trevor, it’s that despite the pain of loss, with it comes opportunity for renewal and the chance to provide another with a safe, loving home.  We are looking forward to a long and loving relationship."

Here's hoping that that relationship is indeed extremely long.
Say hello to Cash. He came to live with me on October 24, 2014. At this writing, he looks as though he is going to be a good fit for me. He surely is a nice doggy.